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Amazon OR Barnes and Noble!

Baby Worries, illustrated by yours truly, and written by the fabbo @frances.mackay_author is out on AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE bookstores.

Following a successful Kickstarter launch, it is now out and available to purchase in time for Christmas!

Baby Worries is a fun book about a baby who meets his extended family for the first time and starts to worry what he might look like when he grows up! His imagination runs away with him and he imagines the craziest things!
Will he inherit the huge, bushy eyebrows of Uncle Max? Perhaps he’ll have the wild, uncontrollable hair of Cousin Fern?

This funny, imaginative picture book celebrates the love, humour and banter that ensues when families get together. After all, who can resist the temptation to say, ‘He has your eyes’, or ‘I wonder if he’ll look like me?’

This picture book is sure to get everyone, young and old, giggling and laughing together – especially at the end where there is an added twist to the tale!

With its light-hearted approach to worrying, it’s the perfect discussion starter for exploring a child’s own feelings and worries.

Can I get MY book illustrated?

Of course!! 

If you are an indie author looking to get your work out there then stick around and I can give you all the information you need to make it happen.

I have a blog about commissioning illustrations, and I also offer creative consultations, so if you would just like to talk to me directly for some straight-up honest advice about what to do next, just follow the links below!

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