LANCE AND THE BOILED EGG - By Carey Waite (click the book to see more)

Why is Daddy so excited?...

...And WHO is Aunt Esme??

Fully illustrated book for early readers.  Lots of great characters in this book and  a mystery to solve too! 

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Meet Nita McPhee, the spitfire heroine of these first three book in the series of Nita’s Adventures! Fully illustrated rhyming prose make this an  earth-shaking genre-making funny life skills storybook, especially for women.

“Suzanne Andrews’ witty irrepressible verse, perfectly matched by Dotti Colvin’s zany illustrations, will make you giggle out loud…they might even inspire you to plan your own escape! Utterly original and absolutely irresistible!”

SARAH BRENNAN – author of best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales, Storm Whale and Dummies for Mummies.

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Nita McPhee, being a sassy and savvy individual, uses her lifes experiences from her adventures to help others in this second mini-book series Nita’s Eureka Pick-Me-Ups!

Each one with inspirational quotes, and funny illustrations to get you un-stuck from your sticky patch.

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Gotta start with a start! My first children’s book won GOLD, so not a bad start at all!

Amazon 5-star review

Such Silliness. “If you don’t laugh, it’s time for a vacation. The illustrations are THE BEST EVER and drive the simple story right to five stars. I’ve often wished a baby could talk to know what they’re thinking – here it is, the answer to all my questions. Funny stuff.” Kim.



Norbert’s dream, written and illustrated by yours truly, is designed to introduce persistence, dreams, snails and a good dose of STEM, it’s a romp through the world of Norbert’s dream. You can come along for the ride, be my studio companion, and see what I get up to when I am finally all by myself, between client work, on KO-FI!

“A revelation,

a revolution,

a solution!” 


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