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Based on recent developments at Meta about it using YOUR data to train it’s AI models I think it’s about time we RISE UP!

I love reading and digesting tech so in this second episode of “AI and US” I try and simplify this arena so you can get on board. Have you heard of GLAZE and NIGHTSHADE yet?

After a lot of research, trialing it myself, and partaking in an enlightening webinar, hosted by the AOI with Project leader Prof. Ben Zhao, I can safely say this is the best thing that has happened to protect visual artists since the birth of AI!

By the way, it’s not AI that’s corrupt, it’s the people who run it.

So PROTECT your work.

And POISON the models.

Knowledge is power and we are most often afraid of what we don't understand.

AI has little to no regulations. Luckily this team of brilliant minds headed up by Prof. Ben Zhao and Shawn Shan at Chicago university are fighting our corner to protect against copyright theft. Read more about them here :

As Norbert the snail would say: “A revelation a revolution..a solution!”

Below are the answers to the questions I asked, and I’m giving you the links and the instructions in the clearest way possible, that you need to protect YOUR work and pass the baton on to another visual artists you know.  We need to spread the word

These softwares are rocking the AI boat. Join the revolution! Already over 2.3 million downloads.

Goal: If enough people do this AI will no longer be a convenient and easy go to to generate artwork, and rip off existing artists. It won’t work. It will force AI models to pay artists to train them.

Glaze and Nightshade - What is the difference?

They are two different softwares with slightly different goals. Each one of them with the ability to embed disruptive code into your digital artwork to protect it from AI.  YEY!

GLAZE – Is a defensive tool – Protects your artwork and I’m going to cover this  more in depth in this article.

NIGHTSHADE – Is an offensive tool – It poisons the AI models. Artists can use as a group to disrupt models that scrape their images without consent (thus protecting all artists against these models). Go use it NOW on Meta!


This is PROTECTION. Start here a.s.a.p.. What this does is it protects your artwork from being ‘scraped’ by AI models. It confuses the AI model and ensures that it cannot mimic your image. It’s extremely clever and robust, and does not break even if the image is screenshot-ed, edited or the image format and metadata is changed. How does it do it? By subtlety changing all the pixels, but this is almost imperceptible to the human eye.

Here is a before and after example of my artwork before and after glazing:

Original Artwork
Glazed Artwork

If you flick between them, like a nutcase, you can see some teeny shifts, but  honestly it’s impressive.  Ironically I had to upload the unglazed one, and downscale these to put them online (!) so the quality here is slightly less compared to the originals!

Where do I get it?

GET GLAZE HERE – Downloadable software for PC ( windows 10 and up) and (MACos 13 and up) 

No PC or running an old OS version?  – GET WEBGLAZE instead for phones tablets and browsers

How do I set it up?

GLAZE For PC and MAC you can download it directly from the site and install it like any other software. It’s designed to be used offline so you have no paranoid fears of them storing your images on their servers.

WEBGLAZE – You will need to ask send a DM /direct message to them to be accepted on instagram or whichever one you use. @TheGlazeProject 

( There is a 2 week waiting list as the team are literally processing requests by hand. )

Once they send you a link it’s a simple login process from a browser window.

How do I use it?

Load in your artwork – choose your settings and hit Glaze. It’s THAT simple. 

The webglaze App will send you an email with the new artwork. The desktop version will just save it where you specify. Be assured that even with the webglaze version they delete your original artwork form their servers.

You can glaze 10 images a day, up to a maximum of 40 a week.

You can choose default, medium or high protection.

Press ‘submit’.

Webglaze takes about 2 minutes to return the file. 

See user guide here :

Does it damage the artwork?

No. There is some possible pixellation that may occur but you can alter the settings and try again until you get what works for your particular artwork. 

Advice for giving artwork to clients.

The level is improving all the time so they suggest that you Glaze it before you give it away, to protect it, then you don’t need to worry if a clients posts it online. It is always best to communicate with your clients about usage rights anyway before it’s too late. Nothing better than a beautiful contract. 🙂


This is perfect it you want to go on the offensive and break the system! OH YEAH!

By embedding this in your artwork it will actually disrupt the AI models for anyone else in the future, therefore protecting all artists.

Let’s face it, how can you prevent your content from being fed into a generative AI model against your will? After all you DID upload it to Meta’s servers yourself!  Send a nice Opt-out form?  Opt-out lists have been disregarded by model trainers in the past, and can be easily ignored with zero consequences.

Download Nightshade here: (Available for Mac or PC only)

If you want to run both softwares on an artwork, they recommend that you run Nightshade first then Glaze, in that order for maximum protection. 

What are you waiting for?


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If you found this useful, then please pass this on to someone else that you think needs online protection.

Follow the Glaze Team 

Lead by Prof. Ben Zhao (Lead)



For a deeper read and a video explainer see here

Together we’re stronger!

Be kind Peeps! x

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