Do we need to think anymore?

One moment please… I left my brain on Google.

Go study, get good grades, learn a new language, study, study, read… or do what my son does and look up EVERYTHING on google. In the future, we won’t need to think at all.


In reality we should all be geniuses as all the information is already out there. We have to learn instead how to ask the right questions…and run away from the algorithm that seeks to numb us…

We must teach our kids how to ask the right questions.

My son is very good at these questions...

Lately he asked “What do pigs hate?” ( We don’t keep pigs or have pigs or even go near pigs in our daily life)

AND when I couldn’t find the remote control for the telly I asked him to help me and while I had my head under a cushion, I saw him standing looking at his phone.

Me:  What the hell?! I ask ( very calmly, of course, LOL)

Him: “I typed ‘ How to find the remote control?’ into Google”

Me: Did you get an answer??

He did. I thought it was bad enough that he had asked Google but worse still, there were explainer videos and web pages dedicated to the answer. Hahaha

“…ask a friend or family member to help you look.”

What if all your friends and family have already left you as you are a complete imbecile? Although that tile IS quite a good idea…

Alexa, where did I leave my brain?

Have you ever played that game with Google where you type something like ‘How to..’ and see what comes up?

The things that pop up are the most asked questions.

Oh yes, be sure to delete your browsing history before you play, or you’ll be looking at your own questions!

I typed : “How…”

Result No 4: How to use a bidet  ( Google Italy)

I typed: “How to…”

Result No2: How to use a bidet ( Clearly important, haha)

I typed: “How do I…”

Result No 4: How do I live without you  ( without Google? Good question)

I typed: “What is the…”

Result No 10: What is the meaning of life …

Hah, you see,  ALL the information is already on Google 😀

Live well peeps. Tie the remote to the sofa.

Disclaimer: ( That is not a portrait of my son – ahem) 


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