I offer a range of services including:

  • Character designs
  • Book illustrations
  • Layout and design
  • Cover design
  • Cartoons for editorial
  • Cartoons for web
  • Commissions of family and friends and pets
  • AND a full book service including everything that takes your book from manuscript to a fully illustrated print ready PDF, ready to launch into the world!

To get the party started it’s enough to drop me an email and we can book in a FREE 15 minute chat on a fangly-dangly communication platform, where we talk books, expectations and prices. To read more about commissioning go here! Come on in, I don’t bite. Much. 😀

OR if you’ve never done this before then this guide is here to show you the best way to get your idea realised into full, wonderful, funny, and fabaloonie illustrations.

QUICK START - Guide to commissioning

3 min read

The secret is to know what you want, and what your budget is. ( Yep, I don’t work for free or for Prosecco :D)

Once you know what is involved and you can ask and pay for things you understand.

See here for a full list of my services.


A few questions to ask yourself.

What kind of illustrations are you after?

My work is character based. Energetic, chaotic, and full of life. I love drawing characters, so if that’s what you need then stick around! If you want landscapes and tranquil, ethereal images, you are in the wrong place, but you probably understood that. LOL. 

What is it for?

That might sound obvious, it’s just a picture right? But where are you going to use it?  In a book, a magazine, for social media, for merchandise, or just for your wall ? This affects the size and pricing and the licensing.

Which style and finish do you want?

 I draw in my own style, but I can draw in sketchy pencil, ink or full colour. 

  • Which one of my drawings led you here?
  • Have a think whether you prefer colour or black and white?
  • How many characters do you have? 
  • WARNING: If you only want me to copy someone else’s work, then please leave by the nearest exit.

What can you afford?

Well, how much does it cost? The million dollar question! Well, it doesn’t cost a million but you need a budget. I may well ask you what budget you have in mind, then we can see what is achievable.

Many things affect pricing but I always break down my quotes so you can see why things cost what they do. I have no reason to use smoke and mirrors and am happy to explain things.

So below there are a few illustrations to give you a general guide.

Explanation of terms

Spot Illustrations

Focusing on the action or character without a background. 

dotti colvin cartoonist laughing

Full page colour Illustrations

These are generally more involved and include background details or many more characters. They can be either half page, full page or double page and range in price depending on the amount of characters and details present.

IMPORTANT: If you need more than one image for a blog series or an illustrated book, the price is calculated on a ‘per job’ basis rather than individual images. This will work out cheaper per image for much longer projects .


Happy client reviews

Frances MackayAuthor 'Baby Worries'
Read More
Great job thanks - had a good laugh! ... ...I can see you are having fun with it - which is great. You are amazeballs! You really capture the essence of it and how funny it can be in the right hands! Well done you.
Lizzie DaviesCEO
Read More
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! This is so good and exactly what I was hoping for 😀 I can absolutely use this as it is and I think it will go perfectly with the content of the post.  I can't stop looking at it! 
Suzanne AndrewsAuthor and Coach
Read More
I want to read our book and look at it again and again since your images are so delightfully clever, calm, whacky and wild. Just incredible. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!. .... you are a magician!!
Rob AndersonCreative Director | Bigman Animation
Read More
"Highly recommended!! I have worked with Dotti many times over the years. She is right at the very top of my list of people to work with on projects, as any job she is involved in is far stronger for her input. A fantastic creative talent!"
Trish M.Creative Director | Sapphire Moon
Read More
I’ve worked with lots of artists at my ad agency over the past 35 years. Dotti is exceptional! She is outrageously talented, customer focused, creative, communicative and a ton of fun. Her great sense of humor shows in her cartoons and interactions. Dotti’s a keeper if you want concepts turned into masterpieces!
Lorraine StanleyCEO | S.W.A.D
Read More
We LOVE opening up your images - they never fail to put a smile on our faces!!!
Carey WaiteAuthor | Lance and The Boiled Egg
Read More
When we started I had no idea what any of the characters looked like and now they seem like real people. I know all about them and what they would do in a particular situation.  Thanks for that!
Karen CraneCEO | The Puppet Tree SE
Read More
This is a balm to my soul! Seriously Dotti... I have noticed all the finer details you have worked on and it looks 'ethereal'! THANK you a zillion times... YOU are making SUCH a difference!
Cindy RellaFounder | Rella's Strength and Wellness HUB
Read More
Oh, they are perfect! I've shown everyone today and they all said you have captured the boys perfectly. 

Whee! How do I get a quote?

Have a chat!

Because there are many variables, a chat is very useful and a great chance for you to ask your questions.

Send me a message and I can book you in for a quick 15 minute chat. ( free!)

I also offer a deeper 40 minute creative consultancy for only £60 which is deducted off future commissions.

Once we’ve had a chat I can give you a proper written quote for your project.

Trust is important and contracts are better...

Maybe you are nervous about showing me your manuscript as it’s such a great idea and you don’t want anyone to steal it.  I understand. I’ve read many manuscripts and you can trust me, but to reassure you I am very happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement which protects it against plagiarism.

Thanks for taking your time to consider things properly. If you are ready, then I am sitting here with my pencil, waiting for your call. Honest. Not at the pub at all…

Thanks so much!


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