Commissioning Illustration is simple. You just have to know what you want! Please take a look at the guide below to understand the best way to get your idea realised.

Or if you already know, jump straight to the easy form.

  • What is the illustration is for? What is its purpose?  For instance: Is it to be printed on a product, used in a poster campaign, in a book, or to be used in a social media campaign?
  • If it’s for a magazine, is it a half page, full page or spot coverage?
  •  What size does it need to be?
  • Which formats do you need it to be in?  PDF for a printer or various digital versions?
  • Which territory do you want to show it, meaning which countries?  For instance: Only Europe or Worldwide online. This will affect the licencing that you will be granted for usage.
  • How long to you want to use the image for?  On a website it might be good for a year. In a book, forever, called In perpetuity.
  • Do you like my style? I guess that’s why you are here LOL
  • Take a look at my portfolio and see which images are closest to what you want. 
  • Then consider if you want a full colour image or black and white
  • How many characters you want in the image
  • How many rounds of revisions you would like!
  • OR collect some images, photos, words, think about the things that inspire you, and we can go from there.
  • WARNING: If you only want me to copy someone else’s work, we will NOT be a good creative match.
  • We talk!  Once I have some information about what it is you want, only then can I give you a written quote. 
  • Once we are both happy with that we sign an Illustration Commissioners Contract which I will send to you,  to protect us both, and then we can move into production. 

This can vary project to project, but there are always these general stages.

Stage 01:

  • sketch work and ideas
  • revisions
  • layout

Stage 02:

  • production of final artwork
  • revisions
  • final artwork

Stage 03:

  • preparation and export for required formats

The million dollar question! Well, it doesn’t cost a million but you need a budget. I may well ask you what budget you have in mind, then if we’re happy to proceed with no further negotiation, then great.

It’s a tricky question to answer directly as so many things, like the things I listed above affect pricing. So depending on the job, and the usage of the illustration, the price will alter. 

That’s why a chat is so important.

I always break down my quotes so you can see why things cost what they do. I try to be as honest and open as possible. I have no reason to use smoke and mirrors.

Here is a general guide below based on some of my previous illustrations: 


Style A: hand-drawn digital

Starting with a sketch, usually pencil on paper and finishing digitally in black and white or full colour. 

An original illustration commissioned to be finished like these would start at 150 for the simplest illustration used for editorial.

Individual images will cost more than bulk orders so if you have a series to create for a book or blog work we can talk about the cost on a ‘per job’ basis rather than individual images.

Some of these existing illustrations are available buy, for personal use only,  in my shop!

Style B: 2.5D digital

I call this 2.5D animation because it is created using flat shapes in 3D space. It’s my personal favourite for animation.

Illustrating like this is more time consuming than digital drawing, simply because these are constructed FLAT models which have been photographed. However, you can create an extremely unique look in this way which blends 3D and 2D elements.

An illustration like this can start at 300 euro.

If you have a series to create for a book or blog work we can talk about the cost on a ‘per job’ basis rather than individual images.

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