They say, “Sure as eggs is eggs” but 8 year old Lance is starting to believe that phrase is not entirely true…

With the help of his best friend Otto the dog, can he convince the adults around him of the mysterious happenings?

It’s a cracking mystery that will provoke thought in children and adults alike, and without doubt… someone is going to be left with egg on their face.

“Great story for kids and brilliantly illustrated”

“Read this to my young niece and nephew and they loved it. And the ending has certainly got them thinking! Also loved the illustrations, they really bring Lance and the rest of characters to life.” IW – Amazon 5 Stars

The “LANCE and…” series of books are funny and thought provoking. They encourage creative thinking by allowing children to use their imaginations to continue the story.”


“The illustrations are great!”

I bought this for my grandchildren but read it first myself. It’s a great story, the illustrations are great and the ending is very imaginative. Kids will love it! I’m waiting for the next one in the series! Mrs D. Amazon 5 Stars


The book is available from Barnes and Noble and ALL Amazon platforms.

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