Fantasy tales around the globe written in rocking and rhythmic rhyme. Nita turns obstacles into opportunities, inspiring young women to do the same. 


Join Nita in her second wild and whacky life adventure! This time she’s faced with the biggest baddie of all: self-doubt. Being the spitfire heroine she is, Nita turns near tragedy into triumph, but the process isn’t smooth. As with all books in the Nita’s Adventures series, The Popsneech contains hidden tips to help women feel confident and empowered to push through self-doubt and pursue their dreams. This is a refreshing tale which educates and inspires women of all ages in its magical, irreverent, warm-hearted way!


In true Andrews style, The Popsneech is a wild and wacky adventure tale that contains hidden tips and tricks to help women feel confident and empowered. A refreshing take on adult writing that doesn’t follow any boring rules. Nita’s world is one of excitement and curiosity that will keep readers smiling throughout.

LINDSAY VARTY – author of Hong Kong best seller Sunset Survivors

“Like the spitfire heroine in her fantastical tales, Suzanne Andrews knows how to transform tragedy into triumph, tribulation into inspiration. The graphic adventures of Nita are witty, magical, irreverent and sparkling with good advice.”  

HEATHER DIAMOND – author of Rabbit in the Moon: a Memoir


The story continues! There were some wild and wonderful creatures to be invented in this book and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Showing a physical representation of self-doubt was a really interesting journey, as it’s easy to go too dark and lose the essence of the mood of the book. This is the creature who finally presented itself. I hope you never meet it, it’s a real piece of work.   

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