Fantasy tales around the globe written in rocking and rhythmic rhyme. Nita turns obstacles into opportunities, inspiring young women to do the same.


Meet Nita McPhee, the spitfire heroine of this earth-shaking genre-making funny life skills storybook, especially for women. Nita leaves the corporate lifestyle and takes the plunge, beginning an entire series of worldwide adventures. Queen of the PAWPAWS will inspire women of all ages to get comfortable with challenges and fear.


A hilariously, beautifully written and illustrated, allegorical tale of a contemporary woman’s inspirational journey and exploits of self-discovery in the Cook Islands that resonates with the writer’s passion to inspire, motivate, and empower women.

LYNNSAY RONGOKEA – award-winning author of The Art of Tivaevae (Montana Book awards)

Suzanne Andrews’ witty irrepressible verse, perfectly matched by Dotti Colvin’s zany illustrations, will make you giggle out loud…they might even inspire you to plan your own escape! Utterly original and absolutely irresistible!

SARAH BRENNAN – author of best-selling Chinese Calendar Tales, Storm Whale and Dummies for Mummies. 


This was such a fun book series to work on. The author Suzanne is one smart chick and she knew that by giving me my creative freedom, by trusting my expertise,  the story would only be enhanced by letting my imagination fly to create the imagery.  We were in close contact throughout the whole process and we had a giggle along the way.  We became a double act! We went on to do two more in the series, plus a mini-series! AND more on the way…  Please get in touch if you would like more information about this series, if you would like to stock it, or publish it in other territories.


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