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After 15 years of having children I finally achieved a long term goal! Hurrah. Starting a successful business? Having a successful blog? … haha nope

I reached the bottom of the laundry bin. Whoop.

Washing. So many clothes… ugh. Not mine, not much, as I work from home so I don’t put on business suits for the cat. Just tons of clothes of my three lovely males that I cohabit with.

Most of the energy use and water use is for washing and cleaning clothes..

While my cat was watching me load the washing machine her head tilted to one side as she does, waiting for food, I thought how easy it was for her to have her fur already on and to not mess about with clothing.

WE humans need clothes. It has taken years of evolution to become hairless, oh and lots of razors…but to what end? Now the fashion industry is just killing our planet with its dirty production techniques..and the latest and not surprising news of the exploitation of Bangladesh workers is the last in a long line of reports from a dirty and secretive business.

So what’s an eco friendly solution..?

Grow back our hair, of course!  

I mean after all we were hairy once upon a time. With a bit of genetic engineering we can switch on the ‘hairy’ gene and return to having lovely warm hair all over our bodies. No more washing machines, no more ironing, you can just spring outta bed and after a quick brush you are ready to go! AND most importantly, no more shopping!  In a few decades, the fashion industry would be outta business. Hah! THAT would go a long way to save the planet too so it’s a win-win.


Seriously though, here we don’t even have that many clothes as we mainly shop second hand and try and buy only what we need. However we are not guilt free. Running a family costs and although we try to shop responsibly it’s not always easy. The point being though, and this is important, it shouldn’t be the burden of a consumer to try and guarantee a slavery-free purchase. Sadly, however, it is.


But forewarned is forearmed. The big luxury brands are some of the worst offenders and here in Italy that makes most people an accomplice in crime.


This organisation is the eyes and ears of trying to prevent forced labour in the fashion industry. On here you can search for your favourite brand and see how they score.

Article about Bangladesh workers: Published Jan 11 2023 

Guide to brands still using sweatshops.

Live well my friends.

Learn to sew!


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