Trust me, I'm a cartoonist... 😀

We know the world is full of snakes, so I use two things to reassure you that I am serious and professional, and to reassure me, that you are too.

1. A written agreement of the project - A contract.

In this way, everyone knows just what to expect. This includes:

  1. An outline of the agreed work
  2. Contact details of the Client and Artist
  3. The agreed costs for the work
  4. Deadlines for the various stages of the job
  5. The licensing details
  6. Final delivery deadlines

Here is an example of an illustration contract that you will receive. 🙂

2. A Billing Schedule

  1. A 20% payment in advance of the work and on approval of contracts and quotes. It’s a long process and this ensures it goes smoothly. 
  2. A 50% payment on an agreed milestone, usually when the layouts are approved and before the beginning of the final artwork.
  3. The other remaining 30% payment is on the delivery of PDF of the book ready for printing. 
  4. I will send you an invoice at these stages of the job. 

Are you ready to discuss your project?

Just drop me an email to get the party started with a 15 minute no obligation chat. We’ll talk books, expectations and prices.

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