It’s a conversation late at night with myself. What if? Do you have those?  Do you ask why? Do you wonder why things are as they are or question how things work and ponder alternatives? Are you a dreamer? Do you look to change the world but can’t find a babysitter?! Come and join in the conversation as I’d love to hear your thoughts or musings or rude comments as I don’t go out enough and I could do with a larf. :D

Dotti Colvin

Dotti Colvin

Welcome to my blog! Here you can smile for a while and ponder some interesting questions in life. Don’t be under any illusion that I am offering you any kind of life advice, hell no. I need that myself if you have any suggestions. Here, instead, are musings on humanity and its foilbles written to raise a smile in this goddam world full of eejits.


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