It’s has launched! ( finally!)

Woo Hoo POP the Champagne! Finally  it’s here, in print, in all it’s glory , on a bookshelf, in a fabulous real bricks and mortar bookshop! I am so excited!  If you are lucky enough to live in Hong Kong then you be one of the first to read it!  Roll over to Bookazine  ( […]

Grow Your Own Teeth

This could be the solution. Dentists are the problem. So I hatched a plan…Not a very quick plan. But a great plan…

How To Draw Cartoons….

Drawing cartoons is a butt load of fun. Being able to draw what you see in your head requires practice. This blog article is a whole page of videos and tutorials around cartooning and animation which I hope will help you on your journey into that joy.  [yourchannel user=”Dotspot Animation”] DISCLAIMER: This page contains affiliate […]

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