I am also a Certified TESOL ENGLISH language teacher with a certificate from Trinity college London. Licensed to get you chatting in English! 

I am a British Illustrator living in Italy, therefore I speak Italian. I know the challenges you face trying to learn another language and  ( been there!)  and the importance of making it enjoyable to learn. 


You can learn English with me online through the Preply.com platform. 

I specialise in helping creative professionals navigate the business world which so often requires English.  This could be from setting up profiles on Social platforms, to crafting websites or presentations, and even talking to international clients. 

If you need to speak English at work, or you work internationally, then I can help you improve your confidence in communication.

I teach adults from basic speakers (A2) through to Advanced levels ( C2) who are freelance creatives, or running a creative business.

I specialize in confident, fluent, oral, communication including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and most importantly FLUENCY.

My lessons are friendly and informal but the content is serious and specific to your goals. I want you to feel at ease, to enjoy yourself, because we all learn so much better when we are happy and relaxed.

I use age-appropriate, non-patronizing material and I am culturally sensitive and open-minded.

Please sign up for a free trial with me and let’s talk about your needs!
I look forward to meeting you soon.



Do you need some help writing a presentation for work? Or filling out your profiles on social media or work platforms such as Upwork or LinkedIn? 

Do you have a CV or covering letter that needs checking? 

Contact me and I can help you!


I run an International language club. 

We are different though…

We swap language!

if you are in the COMO area you can come and join us!

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