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Dotti Colvin

Welcome to my blog! It’s a conversation late at night with myself. What if? Do you have those?  Do you ask why? Do you wonder why things are as they are or question how things work and ponder alternatives? Are you a dreamer? Do you look to change the world but can’t find a babysitter?! Come and join in the conversation as I’d love to hear your thoughts or musings or rude comments as I don’t go out enough and I could do with a larf. :D

Rebel, rebel.

"I'll kick you outta my home if you don’t cut that hair!"

Can you name the song that these lyrics are from?! If you are an old trout like me then you’ll know it. 

Here in Italy, being such a family-orientated culture, they have many wonderful things to say about children, but this phrase I heard from an elderly woman in the village sums it up beautifully: 

“When children are little, they are so sweet that you want to eat them.

Then, when they become teenagers, you wish you had.”

Now I know what she means. We are getting deep into teen years here.. my oldest just turned 15 and this phrase resonates. Resonates with a tune like this in fact. Did you guess the song??  Course you did. Beastie Boys ‘ Fight for Your Right to Party!”** which pretty much still encapsulates the teenage years like no other.  So if you haven’t heard it for a while here’s a snippet that I suggest you do an uncool mum dance to…

I LOVE the Beastie BOYS! oh yeah. Jeex how did I get so old haha.

I also love my darling little darlings but…tootballs…It doesn’t matter how much of a cool mum you wanna be, you are still MUM, and that ain’t cool between the ages of 13 and 19.. or maybe 23, which is about the age I was when I started hanging out with my mum again. haha

Quite right. FIGHT for your RIGHT to not let your mum come near you with the hair dye, scissors, shaver or hairgel. Fair enough 😀

“Can you just wash it please… occasionally?”

“No muuum, it’s fine!!”

I shall be waiting in the wings with shampoo and a brush for the day he sees a girl he likes…Hahahah

Have a great weekend peeps.

Be kind, especially to your mum and your darling teenage children 😀

**GEEK FACT:  The verb To Party was used as early as 1922 to mean “to have a good time”, and they sure knew how to have a good time in those years! This snippet of language history comes from The Entomology Dictionary which gives a fascinating history of the origins of words in our language. To read more on that you can go to their website. 

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