Empty vessels…

As Plato once said: " Empty vessels make the loudest sound."

Wow, the fashion industry really sucks!

So those of you that know me, know I live in Italy near one of the quintessential cities associated with fashion, Milan. I shun it completely.. Is that Fa-SHUN? Haha. 

I’m much happier snuffling around a charity shop looking for treasures 😀  Upcycled , recycled, homemade oh yeah. Are you with me? 

I’m also not in any danger of setting the latest trends 😀

As a parent it can get tough, and setting the right attitude is really important so your kids don’t feel inadequate in this consumer society.

Shopping second-hand is better for the environment. creating a circular economy and I’m not funding exploitative fashion chains.

And hell, it’s fun. I love the chase, the hunt, finding something random that is quirky or quality, and NOT the latest trend.

So we’ve been doing this since the kids have been small, but as they grow it’s getting harder as the culture is evermore consumerism led.

In Britain, second hand and thrift store is accepted in ALL walks of society. Denmark is one of the best countries for this! HOWEVER in Italy fashion is STATUS and if you shop second hand, it has nothing to do with the environment, or circular economies, just the fact that you can’t possibly be able to afford new clothes. 

So we’ve had many conversations about WHY we shop in this way, showing them the enormous fun in the hunt, and the environmental impact of fast fashion, luxury brands and the idiocy of walking around like an advert for Nike without a sponsorship deal. Is it just me? Or do you feel the same here? 

Get Naked!

There is a kid at my oldest son’s school who talks almost exclusively about what he is wearing. Ah yes, just in case you were unaware , there is NO school uniform in Italy, this is because child uniforms are associated with the era of fascism and Mussolini and are seriously frowned upon. I like the theory, but in practice it makes school into a fashion show…

So this child, looks at my son and asks  “How much was your sweatshirt.. mine cost £180” ” How much were your trousers…mine cost £200″ and so on. And he’s not the only one. A group of kids comparing the cost of their clothes as if they’d actually done something to earn them haha. This attitude saddens me greatly as the emptiness that produces it is something that lasts a lifetime. Have they really go nothing better to talk about? Are their values and judgement of others based on the price tag?

So my son comes back from school and reports this. I asked him if it bothered him. 

He says “I told that kid to strip naked and then find something to talk about!”.

OK, he didn’t really say that, but wouldn’t it have been great? So I suggested that line above to him for the next time around and assured him he’s will find more peace in his life if he doesn’t constantly chase the latest version of whatever new thing we MUST have is. He’s doing really well and has left that group way behind him.

It’s tough being a kiddo. I remember mean girls teasing me about my shoes. But I never like to wear what everyone was wearing anyway. Then one day when I had on some cool boots that I liked, that were different from everyone elses, they found out where I got them from and all bought the same! I’m not sure what was worse at the time, being teased or having them copy me. LOL.  


So!..So, talking about the vulgarity and vacousness of following fashion like sheep, and consuming without responsibility or consequence…

Here is the news:

The singer Pharrell Williams, known for the song ‘Happy’ among other things is now the creative director of the Louis Vuitton fashion brand and has come up with this genius idea;

A million-dollar bag. The Speedy Bag.

credit: part of photo from Getty images

Is that a gold straw? Well, at least it’s not plastic.

Credit_section of photos from Getty Images

Yes, it costs a million dollars. A MILLION. That is quite a lot of money for a bag. Why? Because it’s made of REAL crocodile skin, REAL gold, and REAL diamonds.. And the rest of the price tag is just.. well.. profit…for show.

Oh, and you can’t just go and buy it, you have to be deemed worthy…

Clap along...

When I saw this, it pained me so much I had to write about it. With all the mess that is happening right now, all the poverty and displacement, the rising living costs and the climate disasters, how can anyone think its ‘cool’ to parade such a huge amount of wealth on such a vacuous and fashionable possession?

I put this article in front of my children and asked them what they thought too. Knowing me well, they probably didn’t dare say ‘ Way cool, I want one!” but instead said it was pretty disgusting to waste money on such a silly thing. Kudos to them.

It makes me sad, and angry. And even sadder and angrier when I read how many people think it’s cool too…The desire to SHOW your status.  Humans are really sucky sometimes.

Statistics ink:

Here’s the article from The Guardian UK if you would like to read it later, and depress yourself too. Ahh, no don’t do that until you know that there is a little silver lining…

The silver lining.. ?

Well at Louis Vuitton there isn’t one, but this company Elvis and Kresse released a counter proposal, as they too were really disgusted about it all. They have also made a bag, one that costs the same, but with the distinct difference that ensures that the million-dollar price tag makes a REAL difference. You can buy yours here: 😀

This is our response. We are upping the ante. We are releasing, for a limited time, a one-of-a-kind Million Pound bag. But this bag is completely different. It isn't about having a million to spend on a bag, it is about choosing to donate a million pounds. It is about celebrating the work of our long-standing charity partners, The Firefighters Charity and Barefoot College International. Money can't buy this bag, but generosity can

I’d buy one of those! Do they take credit? haha

Clean supply chains, properly paid workers, and ALL the money goes to charity. That is worth talking about, naked or not. Thank f**k for that. Faith in humanity restored…temporarily…

I have a few suggestions myself, actually, now you mention it,  for a sustainable fashion industry, in my blog Eco friendly. Very sensible as usual, where I also list some serious links where you can check if a brand you like are being good boys and girls, and LV doesn’t come out so well. Read it here.

News just in!

Louis Vuitton has just announced they are also selling a great range of T-shirts for only $500,000.

Ohh, what fun, I generated that with AI. They’ll probably sue me.

To read more about AI, and all the dangers, and  the fun you can have with it, including fun with the kids, see my blog here!

Live well my friends!

Be kind. x

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