Below are examples of where animation made the subject more palatable and easier to digest.


Do you have a difficult subject or maybe you need to explain something to your staff or followers in a way that engages them?

Let's make it happen!

It’s not all glamour and funny characters round here…


Lead Animator / Rig TD
MCL Tipps Tactical Protection Plugs 
Big Man Animation Brighton
Instructional video, nice and slow, to show the correct insertion of the Marl Tipps ear plugs. Responsible for all rigs and animation.
Lead Animator / Rig TD
Systagenix. Acel Medical Plasters 
Big Man Animation Brighton
These are clips of some of the medical instruction videos for Systagenix I have created. Due to client direction NO cloth simulation was used and all models are replacement animation or rigged. I was responsible for all rigging animation
Lead Animator/ rig TD
Systagenix. Acel Small Lite.