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Billing For Creative Work

Commissioning Animation Commissioning Illustration -BILLING- Trust me, I’m a cartoonist… 😀 We know the world is full of snakes, so I use two things to reassure you that I am serious and professional, and to reassure me, that you are

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Commissioning Illustration

Commissioning Animation Billing and Invoicing COMMISSIONING ILLUSTRATION Commissioning Illustration is simple. You just have to know what you want! Please take a look at the guide below to understand the best way to get your idea realised. Or if you

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Commissioning Animation

Commissioning Illustration Billing and Invoicing COMMISSIONING ANIMATION Commissioning illustration or animation can be simple.  Please have a look at my guide below so we can get the best out of your project. 1. Know what you want By this, I

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How To Draw Cartoons….

Drawing cartoons is a butt load of fun. Being able to draw what you see in your head requires practice. This blog article is a whole page of videos and tutorials around cartooning and animation which I hope will help

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Dotti Colvin

Dotti Colvin

Welcome to my blog. This is designed to distract you when you should be doing something more important.
A working mum, science enthusiast and eco worrier. I hope you find something to tickle your pickle.


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