Empty vessels…

When I saw this, it pained me so much I had to write about it. With all the mess that is happening right now, all the poverty and displacement, the rising living costs and the climate disasters, how can anyone think its ‘cool’ to parade such a huge amount of wealth on such a vacuous and fashionable possession?

Eco Friendly

WE humans need clothes. WHAT is an eco friendly solution to this problem? A cartoonist offers her sage advice…

Rebel, rebel.

“I’ll kick you outta my home if you don’t cut that hair! “. Can you name the song, that these lyrics are from? If you are an old trout like me then you’ll know it…

AI and Illustration… and us

Hello peeps, fellow curious minds! 

Guess what’s the hottest topic right now in the creative arena? Yesss, AI. And as someone who’s always up for a good laugh, I can’t help but wonder how it’s going to affect my clients and my work in the future.

In this mini-series of blogs, I will be looking at what all the fuss is about.

What is an optimist?

I could beat myself up about this, as it’s already the end of the month and I’m just posting this now, and what’s the point?… But that would not be optimistic!
Instead, there are still many sweet days left to talk about something dear to my heart , it’s the way I choose to live and try to better myself at every day…

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