Billing For Creative Work

Commissioning Animation Commissioning Illustration -BILLING- Trust me, I’m a cartoonist… 😀 We know the world is full of snakes, so I use two things to reassure you that I am serious and professional, and to reassure me, that you are too. 1. A written agreement of the project – A contract. In this way, everyone […]

Commissioning Illustration

Commissioning Animation Billing and Invoicing COMMISSIONING ILLUSTRATION Commissioning Illustration is simple. You just have to know what you want! Please take a look at the guide below to understand the best way to get your idea realised. Or if you already know, jump straight to the easy form. Know what it’s for. What is the […]

Commissioning Animation

Commissioning Illustration Billing and Invoicing COMMISSIONING ANIMATION Commissioning illustration or animation can be simple.  Please have a look at my guide below so we can get the best out of your project. 1. Know what you want By this, I mean, know how long the animation needs to be AND specifically what you want it […]