Grow Your Own Teeth

I just came back from a dentist’s visit cursing their medieval nature. How is it that most medical science has moved on, using keyhole surgery and lasers and all manner of fancy pants things, but dentistry, well at least my dentist, used a bloody pair of pliers to yank out a tooth that he said was no good anymore? Gah, so barbaric. Then on top of that, handed me a great bill and a forward plan to put in a new, fake tooth.


Yes, yes, I know, why didn’t I go earlier before it was so late? I just hate the dentist. Not personally, actually, he seems like a decent enough guy, ( apart from the sadistic career choice) but I just hate going to the dentist. I have an incredibly sensitive sense of smell so all that drilling and smell of burning teeth makes me wanna hurl…not to mention the bills.


In the wonderful words of one of my favorite poets Spike Milligan… Death to The Dentist! 

This is a book I’ve had since my childhood and one of my treasures. Unspun socks from a Chicken’s laundry. What a title.

So what's the plan?


ANYWAY I digress. So I hatched a plan to become a genetic scientist. Not a very quick plan. But a great plan. I’m going to find the gene that allows sharks to grow their teeth back, then implant it in our own bodies. Hah! No more dentists. Boo to you, you are all going out of business. I’ll just grow them back!


I might look a little weird but I can roll with it…

Love the plan! Is is possible?


 So thinking that this was a great idea, guess what, I found a bunch of scientists investigating exactly that. ( they don’t mention putting dentists outta work but we know that’s the final goal. Hee Hee). Very interesting.

Leave me a comment with your own dental experiences!

Do you have any dentist stories? Horror stories? Or heartwarming loveliness…? Leave me a comment! 😀 

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