I specialize in character work in 3D as a modeller, rigger and animator.

Do you have a character you would like to see ‘come alive’ or a story that needs illuminating or softening with animation? Then contact me and let’s make it happen.

Let's make it happen!

Fingathing: Superhero Music 
This is a clip of the 5 minute music video I co-directed. We had an 8 week production turnaround in this video. With such a small team it was extremely hard work and very satisfying. Its a seamless mix between Maya, Illustrator and Aftereffects.
Silver award: Kalamazoo Animation Festival
Making Of Fingathing
Because I teach, I often have little videos like this. This shows one of the flat Maya characters and the replacement animation of his head and his foot used to solve a turn in the animation. It plays frame by frame first and then at speed where the change becomes unnoticable with some anticipation.
Making Of Fingathing
This shows a before and after of the 3D skeleton , created in Maya, and rendered with and without a Cel shader plugin. This helped to bed the 3D into the very strong graphic look.
Making Of Fingathing
This shows the many layers that were created to make this character. It was an unusual approach and one we felt was necessary to stay true to the design work. Although the character is flat he is rigged with a 3D skeleton which allows us to animate him.
Senior 3D Artist
Flobots – Handlebars
Due to a heavy pregnancy belly I opted not to be the senior animator on this one due to the late nights ( damn shame too as the animation is terrible) but instead built, rigged and textured all the main characters. We used handpainted textures and camera mapping techniques to achieve this comic book look which still has a contemporary feel.
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