Lead Animator /Advisor:  
Zurich Life Insurance 1 x 30′. RobTheIllustrator Ltd. Agency: Awakening Media

Working remotely. A departure from the usual Maya pipeline which just goes to show that the tools don’t make the artist! Created using live action footage and hand-drawn artwork. 

Lead Animator / rig TD 
Scottish Widows 1 x 4 min Big Man Animation. 

Working remotely, I was the only animator on this spot. I was given only the script and basic storyboard and the freedom to develop the characters personality and action. It was my responsibility to rig and animate and ensure great overall comic timing and edit. Very enjoyable spot. 

Lead Animator / rig TD
Monk: The power of Data. Big Man Animation Ltd. 
Working remotely. This was a digital christmas card for Monk. I rigged and animated all of the main characters so they had a paper construction feel. 
Lead Animator / Rig TD
Talk To A Doctor. Big Man Animation Ltd 
Working remotely. Starting with only a drawn storyboard and some models, I put together this whole spot for Talk to a Doctor. It was my responsibility to rig and animate all the characters and to choreograph all of the sequences.
Lead Animator / rig TD
Barclays Bank 2 x 30″: 
Big Man Animation Ltd / Remote
Working remotely. This is one of two adverts created for the huge bank Barclays. The brief on this was to give it a stop motion feel. I did all the animation which involved animating photographs, textures and 3D models together in Maya.
Animation Director
Cartoonito Continuity Spots 20 x 10″
Cartoon Network London
I arrived on this job as an animator and soon became involved, not just in animation, but rigging, line management, compositing, and general coordination on in-house and remote team members due to a producer shake up at CN. Overcoming technical hurdles such as a missing render farm was our main issue, but we brought the projects in on time and everyone was happy. This was enjoyable for the purity of the animation.
Animation / Modelling / Rigging TD
Duracell: 1 x 2 mins:
Big Man Animation Ltd. Brighton.
The famous pink Duracell bunny in my hands! I rigged and animated this little guy including adding new face shapes to make him ‘cuter’ and bring him to life. Fun job.  This job was completed remotely.
CG Director / Animator
Fairy Ballet 1 x 20″
Hibbert Ralph Animation London
Was team lead and CG director leading a small team. As well as animating some of the shots, my responsibilities included scheduling the 3D production effectively and overseeing all aspects of the production including character redesign, animation, rigging, post production and compositing.
CGI Director
Always Campaign 5 x 30″ 
Hibbert Ralph Animation London London
Agency: Leo Burnett
This is a campaign, and ‘Sanimation’ at its finest. Despite their ever more surreal concepts these adverts offer a good variety of challenges. I was responsible for all aspects of CGI and almost always created either a pre-comp or final composition for delivery. Depending on the complexity, I chose and led an appropriate team.
Lead animator / rig TD
Aqua Card 1 x 30″
Big Man Animation Ltd Brighton

A very simple job. Credit cards swimming like fish. Responsible for all forground animated characters, elements and rigs.

3D Director
Dolmio Papa – CGI pitch
Hibbert Ralph Animation Ltd London
This was a pitch we put together to show the how the Dolmio characters would look in CGI. The client were very nervous that the CGI would change their puppety feel. We adhered strictly to the original campaign and when we slotted this entirely CGi shot into an original puppeted advert they couldn’t tell the difference and they loved it! Responsible for modeling, rigging and texturing using only previous TV campaign as reference.
Head of 3D
Skips Wizard of Stodge 1 x 30″
Loose Moose Ltd London
This is a mix of Stop motion and CG animation – For example I had to create, animate and embed this CG whale into live action porridge for one of the shots. We were a team of three in CG so as well as the whale I also created CG background elements and built and animated the product, namely the Skips. 
Direct Agency liason. 
Senior 3D Artist
Ribena Bursting with Berryness 1 x 30″
Hibbert Ralph Animation – London
This advert was created in many parts and was a mixed media extravaganza. It was my responsibility to create the ladybird, butterfly and spiderwebs which are fully animatable. Near the end of the job I was asked to save the textures on the Hero Berry which I did successfully under a very tight deadline and the advert went on to get Pick of The Week in campaign.
Head of 3D
Chips Ahoy Campaign 6 x 30″
Loose Moose Ltd London
The CG required for these adverts was mainly in the background and ALWAYS the food products and pack shots. I did many of these adverts whilst at Loose Moose and only a few of them are here. I got very good at making cookies and steam! 
There was lots of camera tracking, blue screen keying and general bedding of real into CG. Direct Agency Liason
Head of 3D
AppleJacks Campaign 5 x 30″
Loose Moose – London
This is a 50/50 stop-motion and CGI animation mix. The characters were shot on a set and needed bedding into their CG environment. Some parts of the set were real and others virtual. It was our job to make the two seamless. This required matching the lighting, cameras and creating a world which was believable. Direct Agency liason.
Head of 3D
Simalip 1 x 30″
Loose Moose – London
Created as a rebellious answer to a rejected pitch this was made inhouse and directed by Ken Lidster. They had told us the pitch was too disgusting (!). Taking Ken’s storyboards, our small team of three brought this to life in 3D. The highlights for me were creating and animating the main character. Eeeeeeww
Senior 3D Artist
Rennie Frogs 1 x 30″
Loose Moose Ltd – London
Created for an advert for indigestion, I was responsible for the texturing and animation of the frogs in this clip. The background plate is a photo which has been used to place the frogs.
Director/ Animator
Peperami Diet 1 x 30″
Loose Moose – London
I conceived and directed this as a viral campaign for Peperami. I should let it go now but it was the FIRST thing I ever created in Maya many moons ago ( 20 years!)  and, well, it still makes me laugh. I am much better at everything now, and so is the technology, but hope you enjoy it for what it is. 


Silver award – Fingathing Super hero music – Kalamazoo Animation festival

Gold Award – Thunderpig – Imagina Animation festival

Silver Award Thunderpig – Kalamazoo , short film category

Silver Award- Interrogating Ernie – Anima-mundi festival ~

Exhibition      Radio City, Rockafella Plaza –New York 1995


2003   Bradford Animation Festival  Guest speaker

2003 2007  AnimaeCaribe festival .Trinidad  Guest speaker