3D Character Lead
The Canterville Ghost: Hibbert Ralph Film London
Feature Film. Currently in development, so I cannot show too much online. I was responsible for the creation of Sir Simon in 3D. Despite it’s 2D look it was created in layers using Maya and then composited. It was used successfully to gain funding and we even got Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie on board!
Look Goldfish!
Personal Project
Created entirely in Maya, this used a flat technique which I like to work with and nicknamed 2.5D Created for fun with my own original soundtrack. Just a bit of fun.
Head of 3D
ThunderPig Pilot for Nickelodeon.
Loose Moose London
Made when I was at Loose Moose animation this is a mix of Stop- motion and CGI animation. It was filmed entirely inhouse. I particulary like my CG spaceship.
Silver Award Kalamazoo Animation Festival
Head of 3D
Loose Moose Ltd London
Interrogating Ernie . Short Film
Made when I was at Loose Moose in and around other commercials, this is again a mix of Stop-motion and CGI animation which had to be seamlessly integrated. Lots of bluescreen, Maya and Aftereffects.
Silver Award  Anima-Mundi Animation Festival
Don’t Laugh – Clip – No sound 
Personal Project – Work in Progress
Again as a bit of fun I created this entirely in Maya as flats. I find this a very instant and satisfying way to work. All the characters are rigged in 3D allowing full automation. Not finished yet but it will be when I find some tiiiime!


Silver award – Fingathing Super hero music – Kalamazoo Animation festival

Gold Award – Thunderpig – Imagina Animation festival

Silver Award Thunderpig – Kalamazoo , short film category

Silver Award- Interrogating Ernie – Anima-mundi festival ~

Exhibition      Radio City, Rockafella Plaza –New York 1995


2003   Bradford Animation Festival  Guest speaker

2003 2007  AnimaeCaribe festival .Trinidad  Guest speaker

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