About Dotti Colvin

Dotti Colvin has been an animator and cartoonist for 20 years working in London, Brighton, and New York in the area of TV advertising and more recently editorial and print media.  

Born in the UK, Scottish by blood, and living in Italy, her work reflects her approachable and humourous nature and never fails to raise a smile.

“People fascinate me, characters fascinate me. I often chuckle to myself about the absurdity of what we humans do. I love to make people smile with my work and my best commissions contain elements of character observation or comical situations.” 

Dotti Colvin is not only a talented illustrator and animator but she is also very technical and has been a team leader and animation director as well as teaching all over the world.  She has the know-how and experience to create TV adverts from scratch as well as the ability to take a manuscript and turn it into a fully illustrated book, print-ready for either self-publishing or presenting to publishers.  Your project will be in very capable hands.

How I work

When illustrating digital art I start with pencil and paper. It offers a freshness and energy like nothing else. 

The sketch process, for me, is the most fun and intensive part as it’s where I work out the characters, the dynamic of the poses, the energy and the composition of the piece. It’s a fundamental part of the process and one I like to get my clients involved with.

Once the sketches are done, I scan the sketch and work the drawing into digital ink. I don’t use filters and vectors as I like the hand-drawn feel, a bit messy, so I have created brushes that mimic the feel and line of my real ink pens. 

Once inkwork is approved I go ahead and colour using a variety of my own custom made digital brushes which allow the paint to respond to the pressure that my hand uses, and gives me a look somewhere between digital and real ink.

When I ink and when I colour, if my line isn’t what I like then I start over again, rather than rubbing it out. This ensures that the image retains the freshness and energy that I love about my pencil work. 

If you need more information about how it works and general pricing please read my blog on commissioning illustration here. Thanks!

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Silver award – Fingathing Super hero music – Kalamazoo Animation festival

Gold Award – Thunderpig – Imagina Animation festival

Silver Award Thunderpig – Kalamazoo , short film category

Silver Award- Interrogating Ernie – Anima-mundi festival ~

Exhibition      Radio City, Rockafella Plaza –New York 1995


2003   Bradford Animation Festival  Guest speaker

2003 2007  AnimaeCaribe festival .Trinidad  Guest speaker

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