WHO IS...?

Hello peeps!

So I often appear in my cartoons as a trout or as myself but here I am. I’m standing with a wood sculpture that I was working on last year which now stands along the path of a beautiful hiking trail in Northern Italy.

Essentially, I am a cartoonist who likes to draw things that make other people laugh. I think humour has an incredible power to communicate and diffuse. I believe people are healthier when they can laugh so I’m driven by raising a giggle as it’s good for our mental health. 

I’ve been a puppet, a pirate, a pauper, a poet, a pawn, and a king…but forever a geek.

I’ve worn a few hats in my time from puppet maker, to 3D digital Animator, team leader, tutor, mentor, mum, and English teacher but I’ve always been a cartoonist at heart. I’ve worked in New York, London, Trinidad, Italy, and Switzerland and with many other clients from all over the world. I speak Italian and English. I’ve studied animation and art and clowning and my mentors on this earth are Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Will Eisner, and Joseph Moncure March. All dead unfortunately but hey, you can’t get out of this world alive. My love of animation, silent cinema, slapstick, mime, and puppetry is evident in my work which is energy-filled and character-driven.

And after spending 15 years in the far too corporate world of commercial animation I gave it all up to follow my original passion, cartooning, and storytelling.

I love to tackle difficult subjects too. I love working with people who write stories or articles that cover those difficult to talk about subjects like death, anxiety, mental health issues, and science. When words fail, a cartoon can usually fill the gap!

Between client jobs and family life, I am writing and publishing my own books which you can come along and join in with on Ko-fi.

If you come and visit me I’ll offer you a prosecco and a big slice of lemon cheesecake, and have a giggle about something.


Gold Award – WishingShelf Book Awards 2022

Silver award – Fingathing Super hero music – Kalamazoo Animation festival

Gold Award – Thunderpig – Imagina Animation festival

Silver Award Thunderpig – Kalamazoo , short film category

Silver Award- Interrogating Ernie – Anima-mundi festival ~

Exhibition      Radio City, Rockafella Plaza –New York 1995


2003   Bradford Animation Festival  Guest speaker

2003 2007  AnimaeCaribe festival .Trinidad  Guest speaker

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